Harga Motor Satria FU Terbaru

Harga Motor Satria FU new – Suzuki Satria FU was an electric motor upgrade or property development of motor Suzuki Satria collection recently. Many changes happened in the Suzuki Satria FU. One of them is the engine that was initially 2 No 4 is now the No. The style anymore cool and stylish yet promoting characteristic Suzuki Satria are slim.


Suzuki Satria FU quality some of whom have made use of the most up to date technology from Suzuki like the DOHC engine, installed innovation AHO (Automatic Headlight On) which is able to make the light bulbs on immediately when the engine is turned on. Suzuki Satria FU wear headlights blue or blue light bulb made the headlamp is more vibrant when users drive at evening.
The Price Of The Motorcycle Suzuki Satria Fu
Suzuki Satria FU wear cooling technology in the form of Oil Colder which is brief for SACS Suzuki Advanced Cooling System which makes the machine motor is still chilly though there in the maximum speed. Suzuki Satria FU makes use of a digital speedometer that makes its velocity could be gauged precisely. Design a streamlined electric motor physical body provides its very own excess that is able to make this bike simpler regulated as well as steady also in high speeds and also quite easy to modify. Matched the users who love to nyelap-nyelip on the road.

There are special features method feature to control the power of the electric motor baseding on the desires of the customer. These consist of method method method, power effective, as well as normal method. Suzuki Satria FU consisting of motor Favorites in times now because the cost of the Suzuki Satria Fu previous asking price or high enough.

Excess Satria FU:

Spedometer electronic, offering precisely the speed while speeding up.
There are oil colders radioator.
It has a smooth Body, tasty dipake dijalanan city.
The style of the Physical body is cool, very appropriate for young children.
Easy to customize
There is a choice of methods which could be decided on by the cyclists: economic situation, power, regular
bright light bulbs (repair of the 2005 outcome on the front light, dark).
Resale prices are rather high.
Extension: Usually considered ladies: p.

FU Satria Weaknesses.

Harga Motor Satria FU new – Not the typical body dimension and also engine. With a capability of 150 cc engine and also a slim physical body make this bike feels particularly while digeber hovered at broadband.
The energy usage account for inefficient, moreover in the manual e-book stated that Satria F is the electric motor that must take in fuel with octane 98 or builtin ability. So for the marsupials are slim, will not be able to take pleasure in optimum efficiency from these innovative machines.
The chain Tensioner keteng SL is quite vulnerable to electric motor with costs coming close to the number of 20 million each.
When cleaned, beware of sprinkles of water that is really easy to obtain right into the ignition system Cap. Because of this, will conveniently appear rust that led to a lot less perfect burning. Every now and then as a result of the capacity of the water too much can trigger a collision.
Position much less comfy in the drive.
Extra components are expensive as well as unusual.


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